Practice Areas: Bet The Company

When victory is essential to your survival

If you don’t win this, you could lose everything. “Don’t worry, we’ve got this.”

Sometimes litigation is so serious that the company’s very survival depends on victory.

These “bet-the-company” cases can be complex. They may involve dozens of witnesses and hundreds of thousands or even millions of documents.

Perhaps your company has been sued for more than it is worth so that the judgment would put it out of business.

Or an employee has walked out with all of your company’s trade secrets.

Or maybe most of the company’s capital is tied up in a joint venture with a partner who has funneled the money to himself.

The commonality is that victory is essential. We have won many bet-the-company cases.

We have obtained complete defense verdicts on multi-million dollar claims and have won multi-million dollar verdicts for other clients.

For example:

Robert McClelland, BH Trucking, Inc., client

“It resulted in an outright victory saving our company”

“Daniel Mestaz’s handling of our recent protracted lawsuit was simply masterful. Mr. Mestaz took the time to properly assess the matter and then proceeded to litigate our multi-million-dollar case through trial, which resulted in an outright victory saving our company. The way that Mr. Mestaz used high-tech software to present the evidence electronically on a big screen was extremely impressive and effective because it made our story clear and compelling.”

State of Arizona v. Sinclair Oil Corporation


This case involved the condemnation of property owned by Sinclair Oil in Flagstaff. The condemned property was in low-lying land appropriated for a freeway interchange. On Sinclair’s behalf, Daryl Williams argued that the state took the best land, leaving Sinclair with undevelopable property.

The state argued that the land it took could not have been developed either, so it was a battle of experts. Our firm’s due diligence and eDiscovery process were pivotal in providing evidentiary support for the jury. The jury trial resulted in a verdict that was many millions of dollars more than the condemning agency had offered.

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