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“My Business Partner Ruined My Life”:
How To Avoid The Same Fate​


  • Maybe your so-called partner is trying to push you out and claim ownership of the company.
  • Perhaps your former employee has started his own company and is trying to take your customers and trade secrets with him. Maybe a competitor is using unfair tactics to jeopardize your business operations.
  • Or perhaps running a business isn’t turning out to be everything that you imagined and you simply want out.

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Has something like this happened to you?

  • Is your partner may be taking more than his or her share?
  • Are they acting beyond the powers that he or she has.
  • Is a minority shareholder shut out of business operations and decisions by the majority shareholders?
  • Do managers continue to collect excessive salaries?
  • Do board members disagree on the direction of the company’s operations to such a degree that the board becomes deadlocked
  • Are partners in a joint venture at odds with one another and agree to disband their business, but are unable to agree on who has ownership of different business assets?
  • Is a former employee or business partner taking your trade secrets to set up a competing shop elsewhere?
  • Is your company’s controller embezzling money that, for all you know, is being spent and will soon disappear?

This is a small snippet of
what we have handled in the past

Dual Path v. Zandonatti

VERDICT/SETTLEMENT FOR OUR CLIENT: $140,000 plus company ownership.

On behalf of the President and CTO of an internet technology company, Daniel Mestaz obtained a preliminary injunction for the return of funds t

officers and won a trial verdict awarding the client disputed company ownership. The court also awarded the client ninety percent of his attorney fees.

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